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Helpful Tips 

Before you purchase a domain name here are some tips to help you choose the best one.

  • Do a Google Search. VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure nobody else is already using that name or is too similar that it might get confused and possibly run the risk of a copyright infringement action against you (ex:
  • Keep It Short & Sweet. Most people can’t be bothered to type long names and have a hard time spelling some words, so try to limit it to around 10 letters. No slang like “grafix” or mispell’s. Keep it simple and easy to remember, unless you want it that way on purpose.
  • Watch Your Extensions. Even though there are 100’s of domain name extensions to choose from most people are used to the common ones like “.com or .ca“, however if you choose one like “.cabin” some people might not understand that it is the extension and try to add a .com to it.
  • Keep It Relevant. If your business is called “Susies Spa” and you picked “” chances are slim they will find you if they google “spa”, however if you picked “” you are more likely to end up in the results.

Domain Extensions & Pricing

Tier 1




Tier 2



.biz .com .futbol .name .net .nl .org .pictures .rocks .space .xyz

Tier 3



.blue .ca .coffee .eu .info .pink .red .tokyo .uk .us

Tier 4



.center .club .company .desi .directory .education .email .equipment .es .exposed .football .fyi .gallery .graphics .international .lighting .management .nagoya .ninja .okinawa .photography .photos .qpon .reisen .rip .shiksha .solutions .supplies .supply .support .systems .technology .tips .today

Tier 5




Tier 6



.asia .business .city .cloud .cymru .dance .earth .gratis .hiphop .moe .network .report .reviews .run .schule .soccer .video .website

Tier 7




Tier 8



.band .be .bid .casa .ch .co .gift .immo .immobilien .news .pub .sale .studio .trade

Tier 9



.academy .accountant .airforce .army .associates .auction .bargains .beer .bike .blog .boutique .builders .cab .cafe .camera .camp .cards .care .cash .catering .cc .chat .cheap .cleaning .clothing .community .computer .construction .consulting .contractors .cooking .cool .date .deals .democrat .digital .direct .discount .dog .domains .download .engineer .enterprises .estate .events .exchange .express .fail .faith .farm .fashion .fish .fishing .fit .fitness .florist .forsale .foundation .garden .gifts .gives .glass .gripe .guide .guru .horse .house .how .industries .kaufen .kitchen .land .life .limited .loan .love .market .marketing .media .moda .money .navy .nyc .parts .photo .place .plumbing .plus .productions .properties .racing .rehab .rentals .repair .republican .review .rodeo .sarl .school .science .services .shoes .show .singles .site .social .software .solar .soy .study .style .surf .team .tools .town .toys .training .uno .vacations .vet .vision .vodka .watch .wiki .win .works .world .ws .yoga .zone

Tier 10



.actor .attorney .buzz .bz .church .courses .de .dentist .in .ink .kiwi .lawyer .li .ong .online .quebec .rest .ski .tw

Tier 11




Tier 12




Tier 13




Tier 14




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