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HTML programming is the original code used in the development of websites, and even though it has gone through many versions it is still the primary building block of any web page. READ MORE

what's included

Custom Website Design

Responsively built with Search Engine Optimization, Your site can include text, images, videos, forms, maps, contact and social media links with cross compatibility testing.

what's the cost?

When it comes to non-contract websites it's hard to say just how much it will cost because it has no limits and it's totally up to you about what you want and how much. However we don't like leaving you in the dark, so we have listed approximate prices below to give you a general idea.

(*Remember that these prices are not written in stone and we can be flexible to a point)

Pros & Cons


With HTML Design your site only includes the code needed and nothing else, so there is no excess scripts or coding allowing a quicker faster display without bloatware.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to make changes to your website like a drag and drop web builder, so you will need to know HTML or know a web designer that can do it for you.


Yes, but only if you know HTML and have access to a web design program or know somebody that does.

No, These are not contract sites, you pay in full and we deliver the files to you.

A deposit may be required before starting work and your site must be payed in full before being released.

We can always add more content. If your site has unused sections we can usually just credit them to other pages but if you have maxed your web space then we can still add more for a small one time fee. We are pretty flexible.

If you need changes to your website after your project has been finalized we can do that for a minimal fee.

Usually we will come to an agreement of the theme layout before creating the pages so that we don ‘t have to scrap everything and start over. If in the event that you decide to change theme layout after agreement a restart fee of $250 cdn will be incurred and must be paid before resuming work.

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