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Upgrading your website not only makes it look snazzier and attract new viewers but really helps with search engine ranking and prevents your site from being blacklisted or not indexed.

what's included

Custom Website Redesign

However your site was originally built we can redesign it, upgrade all your scripts and plugins so it looks and works like new and make sure it is search engine friendly.

what's the cost?

When it comes to website upgrades it's hard to say just how much it will cost because it depends on the size of your old website and the work involved. but we can tell you that because the content is already there getting an upgrade is cheaper than a new website.

Pros & Cons


With a brand new looking website with up to date scripts, plugins and Search Engine Optimization your site will start boosting in search engine rankings and compatibility.


The only downfall with an upgrade is that you may have to learn a few new tricks, other than that it's all gravy from there. There is no downside in bringing your site up to speed.

website before and after display


If you could edit it before then chances are very good that you can still edit it.

No, These are not contract sites, you pay in full and we deliver the files to you.

A deposit may be required before starting work and your site must be payed in full before being released.

If you could add more content before then chances are you can do it again, if not we can provide that service for you for a fee.

If you need changes to your website after your project has been finalized we can do that for a minimal fee.

Usually we will come to an agreement of the theme layout before creating the pages so that we don ‘t have to scrap everything and start over. If in the event that you decide to change theme layout after agreement a restart fee of $250 cdn will be incurred and must be paid before resuming work.

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