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WordPress Sites are actually classified as CMS (Content Management System) and were designed as a way for anyone to create and edit their own website without any knowledge of programming. READ MORE

what's included

Custom CMS Website

Responsively built with Search Engine Optimization, Your site can include text, images, videos, forms, maps, contact and social media links with cross compatibility testing.

what's the cost?

When it comes to non-contract websites it's hard to say just how much it will cost because it has no limits and it's totally up to you about what you want and how much. However we don't like leaving you in the dark, so we have listed approximate prices below to give you a general idea.

(*Remember that these prices are not written in stone and we can be flexible to a point)

Pros & Cons


The simplicity of WordPress is what makes it so popular if you can type text, upload images and pick colors from a color table you can edit your own website easily.


WordPress Sites are designed with prebuilt templates, however the free ones are very limited to what you can customize and the full versions and plugins cost money.

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We Use Elementor

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows full customization and design and works by use of a drag and drop interface. Knowledge of HTML is an asset but not required for basic use of this addon. LEARN MORE


Yes, WordPress can be accessed via web browser or mobile app, changes are made by Elementor Plugin

No, These are not contract sites, you pay in full and we deliver the files to you.

A deposit may be required before starting work and your site must be payed in full before being released.

You can always add more content. Elementor is a fully customizeable drag and drop plugin with more options than you will ever need.

With Elementor Sites you can change whatever you want, but be careful if you make a mistake and need us to fix it we will have to charge you a fee depending on how corrupted it is.

Usually we will come to an agreement of the theme layout before creating the pages so that we don ‘t have to scrap everything and start over. If in the event that you decide to change theme layout after agreement a restart fee of $250 cdn will be incurred and must be paid before resuming work.

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